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Great news! Our team at Hauling Buddies has recently upgraded our servers.

Which means even faster search speeds for you! You'll notice a significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of our platform. We are committed to providing our users with the best experience possible, and this upgrade is just one of the ways we're doing that. Thank you for choosing Hauling Buddies for your animal transportation needs. 

5 Benefits of Being Listed on Hauling Buddies for Animal Transport Companies

Hauling Buddies is a directory connecting animal transport companies with customers needing their services. Being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory can bring many benefits to animal transport companies, including:

1. Increased visibility: By being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory, animal transport companies can increase their visibility to potential customers who may not have been aware of their services before. This can help to attract new business and grow the company.

2. Efficient communication: The Hauling Buddies directory allows animal transport companies to communicate easily with potential customers through calls, emails, and search appearances, making it easier to connect with and respond to inquiries.

3. Enhanced reputation: Being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory can help animal transport companies to enhance their reputation and credibility, as it shows that they are a trusted and reliable provider of animal transport services.

4. Competitive advantage: Being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory can give animal transport companies a competitive advantage over those not listed, as it can help them stand out from the competition and differentiate themselves in the market.

5. Opportunity for new business: By being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory, animal transport companies can attract new customers and grow their business.

Overall, being listed on the Hauling Buddies directory can be a valuable asset for animal transport companies, helping them to attract new customers, communicate efficiently, enhance their reputation, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Stop Wasting Money

Calling All Professional Animal Transporters!

If you are an animal transport company looking to expand your customer base, then Hauling Buddies is the perfect place for you! Our comprehensive directory allows customers to easily search for transport companies in their area, giving you the opportunity to promote your services and gain more customers. Our user-submitted reviews and company profiles provide customers with the knowledge and assurance they need to make informed decisions when choosing a transport company.

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Joining Hauling Buddies will give you access to a larger network of potential customers, as well as a platform to showcase your services and build your brand. We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service to both customers and transport companies, so what are you waiting for? Join Hauling Buddies today and start growing your business!

Extend Your Coverage Area With a Listening Station 📡

Located on the East Coast but want to keep an eye out for transports coming back from the Midwest? 

Create multiple listening stations to extend your coverage area, and we will let you know when someone needs a buddy. 

Listening Station

Congratulations to our first 100 verified companies!

As a verified company, you can receive leads, review transport requests in your area, and share your verified buddy link.  Let’s keep this number growing. Get verified today

Need an Animal Transport Service but don't know where to start? Hauling Buddies is dedicated to helping outfit you with the best service provider in your area. We are a community of verified animal transport businesses that want to ensure your pets arrive at their destinations happy, healthy, and safe.
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Transport Request Are Coming In 🥳

Our transport request list is starting to fill up. Make sure to get verified to reach out about providing transport. This service is free for verified companies on the new Hauling Buddies Community Platform. 

Get verified to receive nearby alerts in the future: https://haulingbuddies.com/verification_requests/new

⚠️ All Companies Required to Register ⚠️

Starting September 1st, 2022, any company wishing to use the Hauling Buddies communities must be registered on the Hauling Buddies platform. The verification process is simple and straightforward. It's 100% free, and you will meet our new Community Manager Brandy Waldron. We want to know you are real. 

After 30 days, we will start a three-strike system on a new post from companies not registered. If you continue to post after three strikes and have yet to register, we will remove you from the communities. Our Mission is to bring the community together in an open and transparent place committed to the health and happiness of all animals. Get started now, so you don't miss out. https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/verification_requests/new

Users looking for transport, you are free to use the communities without registering, but we would also like your help! We have built a new scammer report system and appreciate your support in weeding out the fakes. Please make sure you join our monthly newsletter, so you're always in the know of what's going on in our industry! https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/scammer_reports/new

We know that transporting your pets is hard enough without worrying about scammers. 🕵️

We're here to make sure you don't have to!

We are currently in the process of creating a new platform to help better regulate the quality of companies providing services in our communities.

Have you ever had to use a hauler that does not show up? Or has hurt your animals? Report Scammers here: https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/scammer_reports/new
We aggregate scam reports from community members each month and email them directly to our communities!

Register your transport business on our platform to ensure customers can trust you. ♥️

We'd like to welcome you to the Hauling Buddies community. 

We're here to help support and protect the transport industry, clients, and businesses. While the internet can be a valuable tool, we want our communities to be safe places for clients to connect with other transport businesses (like yourself) without worrying about scammers and frauds taking advantage of good people.

By registering businesses on our platform, we can create a network of reputable transport companies who will have to follow our strict policy, which ensures safe and legal transport. 

We'll also be sending out monthly scam alerts via our newsletter, so you're always in the know of what's going on in your industry!

Are you a member of our community? If not, then register your animal transport business for FREE today.

Welcome to the new Hauling Buddies Communities! 🔥🔥🔥

Hauling Buddies Communities is a collection of Facebook Groups for animal transportation and services. 

Our Mission is to bring the community together in an open and transparent place that's committed to the health and happiness of all animals. 

We emphasize our motto, #WeCare, by providing knowledge and support for community members, as well as by encouraging quality over quantity in our communities. 

Are you ready to care for animals? Join us today!

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